How to Make a WordPress Website: Step-by-Step Beginners Masterclass (2021)

Do you want to learn how to make a WordPress website without a single line of coding in a couple of minutes? In 2021, it’s become very necessary to own a website for your personal or business purposes.  

So, it might be quite troublesome for you to choose the best website builder, choosing the perfect and best domain name, hosting your website, and many more.

That’s why we bring a Free Step-by-Step Beginner’s Masterclass here to help you to build your pro website from scratch. 

Make sure that it is a Complete beginner-friendly Masterclass. So even if you have no prior experience building a website, you shouldn’t have any problem following up.

Here’s are the list of the chapter that we cover in this article:

Table of Content

  1. Choosing your Domain name

  2. Getting Hosting and Free domain name 

  3. Installing the WordPress

  4. Installing the new theme

  5. Creating the new page

  6. Importing the new template 

  7. Editing the Header logo

  8. Creating the menu

  9. Creating the footer

  10. Editing the body content

Now let’s dive into it and create it together! 

#Step1-Choosing your Domain name

Okay! The first step is to get your perfect domain name.

Before picking your perfect domain name, you must know what domain is? And how does it work? If you are a complete beginner.Don’t worry; I’ll be giving you some premium tips on choosing a perfect domain name for your website. It’s simple.

The domain name is your site’s address on the internet, where people used to find your website address by typing it in the browser’s URL bar and visiting your site.

Domain Name


Or, in simple language, if your website is a home, then the domain name is an address used to find your home on the internet.

For Example, is also the domain name that we type in Browser’s URL bar to visit google’s site.


Make sure that the domain name you choose is easy to remember, pronounce, and brandable.

Domain requirements

But, why are these factors most important while choosing the domain name?

1. First Impression:  Because it is the first word that the visitors see on your URL while scrolling the blog page, which creates the impression of your visitors as good or bad.

For example: Just watch these two domain names and compare them.

Good Domain Vs Bad Domain

2. Branding: It also defines the brand of your site as a good domain name helps to increase your brand far better.

So before you start, you need to First Choose your Free domain name which you will get free while getting the hosting. So, to choose your dream domain name, let’s search for the domain name as ( and then check the availability by clicking the search button.

Choosing your Domain Name

If it appears that is unavailable, which means that the domain name is registered by someone else. If this happens to you simply try using a suitable variant and check the availability as before.

Check the domain Availability

If it says that the domain name is available which means you are able to get that free domain name.

Check Your Free Domain availability Here ⇊


Please enter your domain.
Please verify that you are not a robot.

Make sure that your Dream Domain may be stolen by someone else if you are too late to move next step that is to get Free domain and hosting because 139+ domain name are registered every minute. [ Never be too late, time is running on. ]

 #Step2-Getting Hosting and Free domain name 

Once you get your domain name, you can move to the next step, that is to Get the hosting & free domain name.

Hosting & domain are the two things we need for launching our website. Now let’s learn what hosting is?

Web hosting

When you want to start a website or a blog, you need a place to set up your website, store your media, files, folders, credentials, and many more and host your website 24/7 on the internet; which is termed as Web Hosting or simply known as hosting.

And the most important step to build a perfect and best website is by choosing the right hosting; But, don’t worry.

Here are the most important factors to consider when choosing the right hosting.

1. Customer Support:

It shows how easy it is to reach out to them and how quickly they answer your concern.

2. Uptime:

It is the time that a site or online services are live on the internet or available to users in a given period.

If the Uptime of the hosting providers is bad, then it is often that you will be losing a lot of potential customers even though many people are not concerned about it. So, it is very important to stick with providers which have a good history with uptime.

3. Website Load speed:

Website Load Speed

Website load speed reflects how quickly a website opens and responds to web requests. A fast-loading website is not only good for the user experience, but it also contributes significantly to rankings on Google.

Do you Know?

Bounce rate vs Website load speed

More than 40% of consumers will wait no more than three seconds before leaving a site. So, your website shouldn’t take more than three seconds to load.  Which it’s mostly because of the hosting provider.

After knowing what exactly the hosting is? Let’s move towards the next step. So, click on the Get Hosting and Free Domain button below.

It will take you to, where we’re going to buy the hosting and also get a free domain name.

The Hosting company which,

  • Manages over 2 million websites,
  • Provides free 24/7 lifetime support,
  • Easy to set up,
  • Free Domain for 1 year (On purchasing hosting of 1 year)*
  • And many more.

So let’s click on Get started.


Now, you can choose the best plan that suits you.

Hosting plans

Make sure that Bluehost also offers a 30 Days MoneyBack Guarantee; which means you can also cancel your plan anytime and request for money refund within 30 days.

Money Back guarantee

And, move toward the next step to pick your free domain name. So, type the same domain name you have chosen earlier.

Pick your domain name

Then, Click next and fill in all your personal information below in the box.

Personal information

Then, you can choose and ensure the plans you have chosen earlier are right or not as some of them cannot be changed later. Here, you can also get a free SSL certificate worth around $36.75 annually.

And, you can deselect the Extra Packages which you don’t need which will help you reduce your extra expenses.

Additional expenses

Then, put your credit card details for payments; or you can also click on more payment options for paying from Paypal.Then, Select on Bluehost’s Terms and condition and Click the Submit Button.


Congratulations! Finally, you have successfully purchased the domain and hosting. Now you can build your website using WordPress.

#Step3- Installing the WordPress

So, we can launch our website by creating an account on Bluehost. Now to create an account just click here and it puts your Email, username, and password (Make sure to put your password must be strong and different from email or username). And click create an account.

Now, our account is successfully created on Bluehost.

Create your account

So, we can launch our website by creating an account on Bluehost. Then, to create an account, just click on Create your account and it puts your Email, username, and password(Make sure to put your password strong and different from email or username). And again click on create an account.

Create your account

Now, your account is successfully created on Bluehost. Then, Let’s login by clicking the login button. 


And enter the same password you have entered earlier and click on the login button. After logging into the account, we went to launch our website by Installing WordPress and getting started to build our site.

So, to install WordPress, click the skip button below and it is installed in a few seconds. Yes, the installation process is done. So, WordPress is now successfully installed.


Before moving forward let’s confirm the email address. So, go to the inbox and open the email and complete verification by clicking Verify Button. So, we have successfully verified our Gmail address.

So, To launch the WordPress click the home and then click Login to WordPress. Then, Click on launch your site and it takes a few seconds. And, finally, our site is live on the internet; that means anyone on the internet can visit our site through the domain address of our site.

#Step4-Wordpress Introduction



WordPress is the simplest, user-friendly, and most popular software (or simply a website builder) that facilitates users to create their website without any coding experience and also the most used  CMS( Content Management System ). 

Make Sure that WordPress is a free and open-source Content management system.

Do you Know?

That is why; we will also use WordPress which helps us to create our professional websites in a few simple clicks and in less time and you can be able to control and manage your website anytime and from anywhere you want around the world.

Okay, so this is our New WordPress Dashboard!

Wordpress dashboard

Now if you want to access the WordPress dashboard anytime again, you just need to simply go to your website address and type login or wp-admin in the browser’s URL bar and click the enter button.

So, once you reach your WordPress dashboard, This means your website is LIVE. So you can also check that just by typing your website address in the URL bar and press enter.

Now as you can see, your website is LIVE. So! This is how the default site looks like.

default site

In this WordPress, the left navigation menu contains various features, a toolbar that allows you to edit, add, or remove features(Such as theme, plugins, pages, posts, and many more) from your website. The top toolbar also contains the tools that are frequently used.

#Step5-Installing the new Theme

And the next step is to install a New theme. So, We will be installing a new theme called Astra. For this hover over Appearance and click on a theme. Click on Add new.

Now, let’s search for Astra, click on install, and Click on activate. Okay, Our theme has been installed and activated.

#Step6- Installing the New plugin

Next, we’re going to install a plugin that comes with this theme. So by installing this plugin we’ll be able to easily customize our theme. Make Sure that you can add and remove plugins as you require in the future.

So to install that plugin, let’s go to plugins and then click on’add new‘.

Now search for a Plugin called ‘Elementor’, and then install this plugin. So click on install and then click on activate. So the Elementor plugin is now installed!

Also, install another plugin called ‘Envato Elements’, In the same way as before. This plugin has a set of templates for your website which you can choose according to your niche and then apply to your site.

Make Sure these Templates are Premium templates and the best part is that it is Free of costs for you. It has a set of templates of various niches. It offers more than 2539+ sets of templates of different niches.While other plugins like Starter templates only offer less than 159 free templates. Now, we have finished installing the required set of plugins.

#Step7-Creating the new pages

Now to create a new page, click on Pages and click on ‘Add New’. Then, click on here and start typing your page name like these. And click on  ‘Edit with elementor’ for more advanced customization of your page.

Here, you can create your new pages using two different methods:

  1. The first method is to import the templates and pre-made blocks. Here, you can import the pre-made templates and start editing the demo content to perfect one as you wish.

2. And the other method is from scratch by using the drag and drop editor like elementor drag-and-drop editor. Here, you just need to drag a suitable element and start customizing as you want.


#Step8- Importing the new templates 

So, Let’s start creating the page with the first method that is by using premade templates. So, click on this button and it takes you to the envato’s templates page. Then, Click on ‘Free Kits’.

Now, You are at the most important step, which is choosing a template for your website. Let’s choose a template that looks suitable for your website niches. To search the templates that suits you, Just search your niches.

For example, my niche related to Yoga and fitness; So, I searched for ‘Yoga’.


You can also preview it by clicking on the preview button. On these template packages, you will get the set of the homepage, about us page, contact page, and more premium templates for free. So, once you have finalized your template, close the Preview Taband click on import kit. Then, click on the installed kit after the kit is imported. And click on view installed kit.

And import the suitable page which suits your page name and seems better than others by clicking on insert templates. Make sure that you don’t close the page while the template is being imported until it is completed. Now,  it’s done.

After customizing your site, don’t forget to click the “Publish” or “Update” button continuously after certain time intervals to avoid loss of content if any errors occur.

#Step9- Editing the Header logo

So, First of all, let’s start to edit the site content from the top position which will help you understand better. So, to edit the header Logo, Go to your website address and click on the ‘customize’ button on the top navigation menu.

It takes you to this page. So, To change the header logo, click on the blue icon. Then, click on ‘change logo’ to change and if you don’t want any logo to appear on your site just click on the ‘Remove’ button.

So, click on ‘change logo’ and click on ‘Upload files’.

Now, select the logo by clicking here.

Then, Click on select and crop the logo to the required size if needed and Click on crop image. Now, if you want to change the logo size scroll down and drag the cursor left or right as you required and change the size of the logo as needed.

Then click on the ‘publish’ button. Now you have successfully changed your Header logo.

#Step10-Creating the menu

Then, to create your menu click on the back button on the top left corner to return back to the main menu bar.

And, click on ‘menu’ and Click on ‘create new’. Then, Type the menu name (Primary).

Then, select the menu location to Primary Menu and click on ‘Next.

Then, click on ‘Add items’ and select the page to appear on the menu by clicking on the plus icon.

Also, you can reorder it by dragging the menu box up and down. Also, you can create a sub-menu by dragging the menu box just down the parent menu box. You can see the change in the menu item here. Then, click on the publish button after you have finalized the menu.

#Step11-Editing the body content 

To edit the body content, Press the exit button on the top-left-hand corner and click on the ‘Edit with elementor’.

Here, In this left toolbar, it contains the set of elements required to create a page as you desired.

So, if you want to change a header, just click and start editing just like these. And if you want to add an image you can drag & drop the image element.

Here, in the style menu, you can change the appearance of your content such as color, size, text font, position, and many more which can easily be done in a few clicks and in the Advanced menu, you change your content padding, Margin, make your website responsive, and many more as required.

Make sure you can use this toolbar according to your needs and requirements at any time so don’t worry about it. But, Once you are done with the changes, Click on the Update.

You can also customize your website by previewing the results on site. To preview the page click on the preview button on the bottom left corner below the toolbar.

And to Create a footer, Just scroll down to the last part of this page and click on the edit footer with Elementor. 

Then, Click on ‘Free Blocks’ and click on the footer. Then choose the one that suits you best. And, click on ‘Insert Templates’. It may take a couple of minutes to complete. 

Here, you can edit the demo content to your own as you wish.

So, just click here and start typing to change the text.  As Above, you can also change the image, text, and more as you want.

At last, just click on the update button after you complete it before leaving the page.

Congratulations!! Guys, you have completed creating your website without any coding.


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