5 Best Example of Blogging Site in 2021

Nowadays, Blogging has become necessary to anyone who is running their business, Affiliate programs, online events or any other online work.

It has also become the great source of passive income for many people as it can connect directly to the users and can generate lots of sales with the help of content marketing.

But, many questions arise before starting a blogging site or during writing a blog. Such as,

  • How to start a blog?
  • Which Platform is better for good blogging?
  • How to rank your article in google fast?

And many more.

So, In this article I want to focus on the 5 best examples of a blogging site you should need before starting your blogging site in 2021.

Simply, the 5 Best Examples of a Blogging site in 2021 are listed below:

  1. WordPress
  2. Wix
  3. Medium
  4. Squarespace
  5. Blogger

So, let’s get started:

Things to be consider before choosing the right blogging platform:

Choosing the blogging platform directly without any consideration might create bad results for your blog. So, you must consider some fundamentals to choose the right and best blogging site. 

  1. Beginner-friendly:

                                       As all of us may not know coding and more complex technical problems. So, the blogging site on which we’re going to start blogging should be simple and beginner-friendly. So,.we should choose the simple, beginner-friendly and right blogging site.

  1. Cost:

                 Cost is also another big problem why many underrated bloggers are out of the platform. So, cost-efficiency should be very necessary for those who are beginners in this field. Many blogging sites are very Expensive but they are even non-worthy than the free one. So, I will tell you the free and right option to choose.

  1. Monetization:

Many of the bloggers make their passive income with the blogging using google adsense, affiliation and many more.

But some of the blogging platforms like blogger.com doesn’t provide this feature which is very bad for those bloggers who are writing blogs for money.

So, it is very necessary to consider choosing the blogging platform which provides a monetization facility.

Likewise, there are many factors to be considered but I have listed the basics of them above.

So, considering all the above factors, I’ve listed the 2 best examples of blogging sites in 2021 also filtering the top and best among the 5 best examples below with detailed explanation.


Wordpress dashboard

In WordPress, there are two types of websites, which vary by .com and .org domain extension.

Many people get confused over it but, here we are going to talk about WordPress.org.

WordPress is the simplest, user-friendly, and most popular software(or simply a website builder) that facilitates users to create their website without any coding experience and also the most used  CMS(Content Management System). 

WordPress powers over 40% of all the websites on the internet. Yes, it is more than one-third of the total websites.


  • It is a free, open-source and most used CMS(Content Management System).
  • Websites can be made using drag and drop builders.
  • It has a wide range of customization with it’s more than 1.4 billions plugins (both free and paid).
  • Beginner-friendly- Even a person who had visited for the first time, would also be able to create a good website.
  • No-coding Required.
  • Regular Updates and Maintenance for free.


  • Required Domain and Hosting to build a website and publish globally that every one can visit your site using the Internet.

Perfect for:

  • Perfect for Bloggers, Businessmen and affiliate marketer.
  • Best for a person who doesn’t know coding.
  • For Small Ecommerce Websites.
  • Website with low money (Can build Professional website under $50-$100)

  1. Beginner-friendly- 8/10 i.e, Best for everyone who knows basic computer knowledge.
  2. Cost- ($2.75-$13) per month on average  
  3. Monetization- Enable with many customization options and can earn upto $1000 using blogging also for beginners.

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               Wix is a simple and fast website creation website with no-coding needed. It is also the CMS (Content Management System) as same as WordPress. But the fact is that it has very few customization options on their list. 

Wix is basically suitable for Beginners, and for freelancers who want to create a fast website with no-more effort. But if you want more with wix, you should buy a premium plan starting from $14 to $39 per month which is so expensive. 

So, it is not suitable for a person who just wants to test and try before starting the real one. If you don’t want to buy a premium plan, you should start it with the wix logo on the top of every page which seems very bad. Compared to other blogging sites, loading speed of wix is less.


  • It is simple, easy and most beginner-friendly with 500 pre-made design templates.
  • Fast Website builder.
  • No-coding required.
  • Easy drag and drop builder.


  • Expensive.
  • Wix Ads in free plan.
  • No-more customization Features available.
  • Tracking features required a paid plan.
  • No multi-site features.

Perfect for:

  • Sufficient budget to start a website.
  • Single website owners.
  • For online workers who need fast websites.


                    In my opinion, WordPress will be your right choice whether you are a blogger, business owner or planning to start an ecommerce site or many more. Because it has a large number of options of customization, Beginner-friendly and Free of cost for any one. 


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